A few weeks ago CJ and I started a new segment where we ask listeners to call in and let us know what is making them feel good that morning.

There's so much negativity in the world right now that we figured hearing some positive news would make the way of the world more bearable.

One morning we took a call from listener Cheryl in Middletown. She told us she was painting Kindness Rocks. We had no idea what they were and then she shared some photos on our Facebook page.


It's a whole movement to brighten peoples day. I think we could all get behind that.

The Monroe Police Department posted to their Facebook page that they were on the receiving end of a Kindness Rock this week.

Even though it's a small gesture, it means a lot to those who come across or receive one and proves that kindness goes a long way.

Have you seen these Kindness Rocks around the Hudson Valley?

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