Do you have an item that meant a lot to you but now it is just sitting around in a closet not being used. Maybe it's a prom dress or wedding gown, maybe it is your favorite concert t-shirt you can't wear anymore. I have dress that belonged to my grandmother that's amazing but I don't fit in it. These are the kind of items that can be found in just about everyone's closet. So how do you make them relevant again? Simple, you have it converted by Unshattered.

Yes, you can now take that special piece of clothing and have it converted into something you can use everyday or just on special occasions. And the best part is you will also be helping someone at the same time. Unshattered is a Hudson Valley based nonprofit social enterprise. Their mission is to end relapse by teaching a job skill and creating employment for women who are overcoming addiction.

Now that you are thinking about what you have that could be converted into a bag why not think about doing something for a friend as a holiday gift. Unshattered is taking orders through December 10th for Christmas delivery. They got my attention with the Facebook post of how they had converted a West Point Cadet Dress Gray uniform into a bag. Imagine what they could convert for you and a friend.

They offer virtual and in-person consults and you can find out more by contacting them through their Facebook page or calling 845-867-6999. They have posted the step by step process for placing a custom order online at

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