If you or your family and friends hunt, you are definitely aware of the rules and regulations surrounding hunting in New York. Enforcing these rules and regulations falls under the jurisdiction of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

There are 71 chapters of  NY Environmental Conservation Law, which protects, fish, wildlife, and protects the environment quality around the state. It's easy to get a little confused, which may explain an incident that took place on Thanksgiving weekend in Dutchess County.

According to the NYSDEC, Environmental Conservation Officer Robort Hodor was on patrol when he noticed deer legs sticking up out of the bed of a pickup truck. When he spoke with the driver, the driver stated that he was transporting the deer for his mother and that he just couldn't get those legs to stay down. Officer Hodor then asked for the consignment note, required by law if you are transporting a deer you didn't take the deer yourself.

When the driver didn't have one, Officer Hodor said he would need to call the man's mother and ask her. At this point, the man admitted that he had shot the deer and put his mother's tag on it. The hunter was issued tickets for illegally taking a deer and possessing the tags of another hunter. The cases are still pending.