Are you a licensed hunter in the State of New York? Do you know when you can legally go hunting and for what, depending on the time of year? While you eagerly await the next hunting season, here is something that most hunters should also know, maybe you already do know it. What is it?

Is it something about needing a hunting license? Is it about using the correct type of ammo for the type of game you are hunting? No, it is something else. Can you hunt from your front porch in Dutchess County New York?

Can you hunt from your front porch in New York State?

A wild mule deer watches ready to defend his mate in the woods of Wyoming

While there is always the technicality of yes, you could do something, but is it really legal to do so factor. In this particular case, while you can do it, the law says different. You will get a full run down of the legalities when you get your hunting license

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What does the law say in New York State about hunting near your house or property?

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MaZiKab Thinkstock

The law in New York State is pretty forthcoming about where you can't hunt and how far away you need to be from schools, dwellings, and churches. According to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, you need to be at least (depending on the type of hunting you are doing, i.e., rifle or crossbow) 150 feet, up to 500 feet away from those areas before you fire your weapon. Where is there a bit of a grey area in the law is if you are hunting in an area that you own, and the dwelling is unoccupied. For the full listing of where you can be hunting, click here for the NYS DEC website.

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