Hunters love to hunt. In fact, hunters often cross state borders to go hunting with their friends. When you visit another state, do you double-check that your hunting license for your home state is valid in New York State? Or do you even need to get a New York State Hunting License as well?

Here are the answers to the top questions if you are coming to New York State to go hunting with your friends, or if you are serving in the military in New York, or a student at a NYS campus.

Do you need a New York State hunting license (if you have one in your home state) while hunting in New York?

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Yes, you will need to get a non-resident hunting permit for your trip to New York State. You can get it in advance, online. If you fill out the application online, it will take about 14-days to get your permit/license. If you want to get a license immediately, you can do it in person at one of the sites listed on the New York State DEC. 

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How much does an out-of-state hunting license cost in New York? How long is it good for?

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An out-of-state resident hunting license will cost you $100, and it is good for the hunting season that begins on September 1 through August 31 of the following year.

Interested in getting a lifetime hunting license for the State of New York? 

Do you need to get an out-of-state hunting license if you are a student in New York State or if you are stationed on a military base in New York?

Depending on how long you have been a student or stationed on a military base will determine if you need to get an out-of-state permit or not. You will need to get your license in person and bring proof of either your military service or your student ID.

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