It's possible that we drive past historical sites frequently and don't even realize it. There have been plenty of places in the Hudson Valley that I have noticed and later visited or researched the site.

Have you been to the oldest intersection in America? It's located in Ulster County, NY.

An abandoned ghost town in Rockland County, NY has the wackiest name and people can still explore the grounds. 

History buffs and music lovers can take a fascinating tour throughout Woodstock to learn about the celebrities that composed music in the town and visit a historic site.

Quite often, I learn more historical information about the Hudson Valley and it gets me excited to share more of it. We can visit places that we never knew about and continue to share things to do right in our area that we didn't know about.

Have You Been To America's Oldest Arts & Crafts Colony In The Hudson Valley?

Canva, Woodstock Guild
Canva, Woodstock Guild

America's oldest arts & crafts colony is located in Ulster County. 

The New York State Museum explained that Woodstock, NY is the home of

"America’s first intentionally created, year-round arts colony—founded in 1902 and still thriving over 100 years later." 


"Collecting the remarkable range of work produced there has been Arthur A. Anderson’s focus for three decades, resulting in the largest comprehensive assemblage of its type."

Artists from all over the world came to Woodstock such as Konrad Cramer, Eugene Speicher, Yasuo Kuniyoshi and more. Some of them spent their summers there while others made it their home.

Arthur Anderson was thrilled to have his collection of 1,500 objects by nearly 200 artists be at the New York State Museum.

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What Do You Know About The Woodstock Art Colony?

Canva, Woodstock Guild
Canva, Woodstock Guild

The Woodstock Art Colony was a place where people could go to feel a part of the community along with arts and crafts.

Learning Woodstock Art Colony provides the community with historical information. They take pride in sharing the history of the art colony which thrived for hundreds of years.

A local organization now highlights the information regarding the Woodstock Art Colony of the early 1900s.

Woodstock Guild shared,

"In the winter of 1902, construction of the Byrdcliffe Arts Colony began on Mount Guardian just outside the hamlet of Woodstock, NY. "


"Seven farms, 1500 acres in all, were purchased for the enterprise by a wealthy Englishman named Ralph Radcliffe Whitehead. By the time it was completed in 1903, 30 buildings stood, comprising what has been referred to as a “textbook example” of a utopian Arts and Crafts Community."


Did The Woodstock Art Colony Get A Name Change?

The Woodstock Art Colony started in 1902 while a name change occurred in 1976 to the Woodstock Guild of Craftsmen and is currently known as the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild.

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This organization is open year-round to guests who are excited to share their passion for art and the community.

The Woodstock Guild Is Open In Woodstock, NY

There are walking tours available of the art colony to learn about its fascinating history along with an experience to see its permanent collection.

Those interested can also visit where the founders of Byrdcliffe had their home. Ralph and Jane Whitehead's original home is available to see. I'm sure it's impressive to witness a ceramic studio that was used in the mid-1900s but is still preserved today.

What historical site or story do you think is interesting in the Hudson Valley? We would love to hear from you below.

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I have had the chance to visit these historical sites and will always remember what each one meant to me, what I learned on the tours and how guests can continue to visit in 2023.

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