Halloween has us all running around a bit with just two weeks left there is some pressure to get things done in time. The New York State Department of Conservation (NYSDEC) has come up with a few helpful hint in their latest issue of the Green Living Newsletter. Planing costumes, buying candy and getting the decorating done may cause you to overlook a few ideas that will make your Halloween easier and greener.

Just like Christmas, Halloween can mean more trash and wasted food then on a normal week. With a few planning tips you might be able to cut down on increased waste. The NYSDEC is encouraging you to Reuse. Costumes and decorations can be timeless so why not plan to use them again instead of throwing them out. Find some of the things you saved from last year. And why not raid you closet for a clever outfit as opposed to going to a costume shop and getting a costume you may only use once. Second hand shops, antique stores and the Goodwill are all great places to find items to complete you look.

Another clever way the NYSDEC want you to recycle Halloween is by checking in with friends and family. You might be able to swap out part of your costume if not all of it. And if they over bought a few blow up pumpkins and Ghosts maybe they are willing to share or swap out for one of your light up plastic decorations. Again second hand shops and antique store often have holiday themed items this time of year. You may find something vintage you have to have.

Finally when it come to treats for your party consider buying in bulk to reduce the amount of wrappers that get thrown out after Halloween. Obviously, you probably can't do that for the trick or treaters but maybe in their case you can encourage them depose of the wrappers properly once they are done eating all their the candy.

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