We made it to 2021 but things are still not back to normal when it comes to getting together for a party. With COVID still a pandemic it is more important than ever that we do our best to stay in our bubble and socially distance. So what do we do about the big game on February 7th. We are coming up on another big event that would typically have us either going to a party or throwing a party of our own. We are just two weeks away from Super Bowl Sunday.

It will seem weird not to be with friends watching the game and all it's commercials. I think I have gone to more Super Bowl parties than birthday parties. But this year it's just not a good idea to have a bunch of people over to watch the game. So what can you do if you want to watch with friends? Well, how about watch the game at a Drive In Theatre?

Today the Four Brothers Drive In Theatre in Amenia shared on Facebook that you can buy a parking spot at the Drive In on Sunday February 7th and watch the game on their big drive in screen. Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes will be bigger than life on that screen for sure and so will the action of this history making game.

Four Brothers Drive In via Face book 12-28-20
Four Brothers Drive In via Face book 12-28-20

Gates will open that day at 5 PM and folks who want go are asked to come early to get a good spot. Four Brothers is also asking that everyone be respectful of other patrons. COVID rules will apply and they want everyone to have a safe enjoyable time.

To order a parking spot you must go online to playeatdrink.com to reserve a carload spot which costs $20. Four Brothers has also made food packages available which you order ahead of time and they will be ready when you arrive.

So why not take you big game party to the Drive In this year. Swap the couch for you car and enjoy the Super Bowl on the big screen. This game will be one for the record books why not watch it like never before at the Drive In Theatre.

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