A Fourth of July celebration nearly became deadly after a child from the Hudson Valley was struck by his neighbor's illegal fireworks display.

On Wednesday around 9:25 p.m., the Clarkstown Police Department responded to Demarest Mill Road in West Nyack for a report of a child injured by fireworks.

Responding officers found an 8-year-old boy with an injury below his eye, police say. Police believe the boy was injured by his neighbor who was shooting off fireworks as part of an Independence Day celebration.

Many people told police they noticed fireworks being shot off in their neighborhood. One firework exploded prematurely and hit the 8-year-old, police say.

"Somebody tried to light a firework that was supposed to go up in the air," Clarkstown Police Detective Pete Walker told ABC. "It never went up in the air and exploded prematurely on the ground."

The child was the only person injured, according to police. The boy and his father, who was with his son when the 8-year-old was hit, were taken to Westchester Medical Center. His injuries don't appear to be life-threatening, police say.

The Clarkstown Police Department is investigating the incident to determine the severity of the charges to be filed against a 47-year-old man who's accused of shooting off the illegal fireworks.

"This was someone who was using fireworks without any kind of permit, without any kind of supervision," Walker said.

Once charges are filed, police say they will release more information.

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