Have you ever been involved in an affair?

As we approach the day set aside for love, Valentine's Day, the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show thought it might be interesting to head down the road of cheating craziness. Yup, that's us the love haters...LOL! I'm not sure if you saw that story a couple of weeks ago about that police chief in Texas who was married and carrying on something like two or three affairs with other women, according to the website Honey Nine.

The story is awful and YES I'm glad that the guy got caught, but how he got caught is the interesting part of all of this for us. We understand this is a super touchy subject, but if your in a relationship now, or have been in one before where someone was being unfaithful, there was most likely some sort of red flag about it, right? How many of us found out after and said the words, "I KNEW IT!"

The police chief had social media bite him in the butt, and I think that's probably the most common way nowadays that cheaters get caught. Listen, if the man or woman your dating or in a relationship with tells you NOT to post pictures and stuff about him, that's a RED FLAG! Or if they'll only see you when they're working, it's another RED FLAG!

Have you ever been cheated on? How did you find out?

We had a woman call the show today to share her story, she told us that 15 years ago she got divorced and once that was done, she started dating a new guy. The new guy was also recently divorced and she thought they were in an exclusive thing, that was until one of her friends saw the guy driving with another woman in the car with him. She told us that the friend chased the guy for a while but he got away. Eventually the guy went home and that's when they had the talk. After talking she decided that she needed to get back at him and started to date another guy. WOW! DRAMA!! Fast forward to today, these two are still together and are getting ready to be married, so the moral of her story is that some relationships can survive a cheating scandal.

We got a text from a fan of the show who wanted to share some things that she came across when she found out she was being cheated on. She wrote, "emails (complete with plane tickets NOT to work trainings like told), ez-pass bills, Verizon records, Facebook messages and just a sloppy trail of deceit."

If you would like to share your story, call or text us through the Wolf app and YES you can go anonymous.

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