The family of a beloved longtime Hudson Valley reporter needs our help after what's described as a "catastrophic medical event."

Rich Thomaselli is described on social media as a "premier local sports reporter." He graduated from Our Lady of Lourdes in 1982 and has lived in Millbrook and Beacon in Dutchess County, New York.

Hudson Valley Reporter Suffers Catastrophic Medical Event

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Sadly, around Dec. 10, shortly after moving to Florida to be closer to his sons and taking a new writing job, Thomaselli suffered a "catastrophic medical event," a heart attack, stroke and more.

"I’m glad we haven’t lost him but this is just tragic news and Rich needs our help," Tim Wood who worked with Thomaselli at Bleacher Report and hired him at TravelPulse wrote on Facebook. " The heart attack and stroke was severe, he will be unable to write for a while. If there is ever a person that deserved good things come his way, it’s Rich."

Thomaselli suffered a minor heart attack and a cerebral condition resulting in multiple strokes that have left him blind, almost completely deaf, barely able to speak, and very weak on his right side, according to a GoFundMe setup to help pay for his medical costs.

GoFundMe SetUp For Family


"Due to his current condition, Rich will no longer be able to work and support himself and his children. Despite these challenges, Rich's ability to comprehend is spot on. He is cognitively very aware, and we ask you all to come together and support our warrior, Rich Thomaselli," Ken Parchinski states in the GoFundMe.

CLICK HERE to donate. As of this writing over $16,000 has been raised with a goal of $100,000.

Hudson Valley Sports Report Founder, New York Yankees Writer Needs Our Help

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Thomaselli founded Hudson Valley Sports Report, covering high school and college sports in the Hudson Valley. He has worked for many local media organizations on TV and the radio, including WPDH 101.5.

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Currently, he writes for New York Yankee magazine and many other publications from Dutchess County and Florida.

Moved To Rehab Facility

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Around Dec. 13, Thomaselli was moved to a rehab facility in Fort Myers. He's expected to be in the facility for at least a month. After rehab, he will likely be placed in an assisted living facility.

"This sudden and unexpected turn of events and prognosis is terrifying for him and the boys," the GoFundME states.

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