If you're anything like me, back in the day a trip to rent movies at a local Blockbuster video store was an event and after watching the new documentary on Netflix, The Last Blockbuster, we had to stroll down memory lane together.

If you haven't watched the "doc" yet, I strongly suggest it, especially if you've ever spent a little time walking the aisles of a Blockbuster trying to decide what movie you were going to watch that night. That was always the hard part of renting for me, trying to find something, that whoever I was going to watch with, was going to like it like me. LOL!

One of the feelings that kids nowadays will never understand was that feeling we would get when they didn't have that new release movie that we were dying to see. I can remember waiting and asking everyone that came into the store what movie they were returning to see if I could snag it. It almost never worked ‍♂️.

Unfortunately almost ever single Blockbuster has since closed down, all except the last one in Bend, Oregon, which is what the movie is about. I know 15 years ago there were a ton of Blockbusters across the Hudson Valley that we would always go to. We all had a favorite one, right? My favorite was the one on Ulster Ave in Kingston, near the Hudson Valley mall. Take a look at what some of the Blockbuster location look like today after they all closed down. If we missed a location let us know in the comment section.

Hudson Valley Blockbuster Stores


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