Sometime in the next 24 hours I will officially become a Grandma. I want to be the fun one. That's why I have to pose the question is the tattoo baby onesie one step too far? I have never been an actual Mom. I have had experience as an Aunt and even a step Mom, but I have never had to actually be the "parent" in any child's life. I am not worried that I can do it but I am worried that I maybe a bit free-wheeling. Not ever having had to be the person who is accountable for how the child turns out I have always taken the approach that if kids are with me we are having fun.

Now I am not saying that parents can't be fun but let's face it when they are not your kids you tend to bend the rules. Extra this, stay up past that, watch too much of something you get where I am going with this idea. So my question is can you really do that as a grandma? Quick back story on how I get to be called Granny.

When I met my husband he had four children. One of them is having a baby with his amazing wife. Everyone has been really sweet to include me as a grandparent but the reality is I am the step grandma. My husband and his son's Mom are going to make a wonderful set of grandparents. So will his wife's parents. So that brings me to the part where I think I get to be the granny with the fewest rules. You know "the fun one".

So is it too much?


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