Masks on or masks off?

It's been quite the confusing few days for parents all across New York when it comes to wearing masks in school or not. If you missed it, late last week it was announced that starting on June 7th kids would no longer be required to wear masks in schools. Fast forward to Sunday night when parents received communication that stated kids would still need to wear masks while in school on Monday, and that's where things got even more confusing, with one local assemblyman refusing to send his kids to school with masks, according to News 12.

Republican assemblyman Kieran Lalor publicly announced on social media Monday that he won't be sending his kids to school with masks on Tuesday, saying "It's time for them to literally breathe free and figuratively breathe free." Not only did Lalor express his disappointment with the mask policy confusion at school, his children also had something to say. His 4th grade son, Kieran Lalor Jr said, "Masks make me hot and I can't really breathe in it." His eighth grade daughter Riley Lalor said, "It's really hot with the mask on. So without it, I won't be focusing on how hot I am."

Lalor said that he has given each of his children a written note to give to any teacher who asks them to put a mask on. He also said, "I'm not saying every kid should be maskless. If you want your child to wear one mask, or two masks, or three masks, I think that's fine. Do what you feel is best for your child. But my wife and I know what's best for our children at this point."

How will schools handle situations like this as they arise over the next few days? Only time will tell, but as these situations become public, we will update this article with any important information as it's released.

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