The dog was found running loose on Route 52.

We heard the question many times over the years, "are you a cat or a dog person?" When it comes to pets it doesn't matter which group you fall into - cats, dogs, or any living creature, nothing deserves to ever be treated like one dog from Putnam County was treated recently.

According to the folks at the Putnam County SPCA Law Enforcement, they received a call about a week ago from the Town of Kent dog control officer that let them know that they had recovered a severely neglected older dog found loose on Route 52.

The dog control officer identified the dog as a male Maltese breed and told the Putnam County SPCA that the dog was not in good shape according to News 12.

Maltese Dog Severely Neglected

The officer reported that the dog was found with extremely long nails, matted, dirty hair with a rotten odor, and parts of its fur missing, all signs of the dog not receiving any care for quite some time.

The officer also reported that the dog had severe dental disease.


Kent Woman Arrested for Animal Neglect

After conducting an investigation, the Putnam County SPCA Law Enforcement is reporting that Jennifer Parish has been arrested and charged with animal neglect.

Officials didn't release any further information about the woman and what lead to the dog being in such rough shape but did say that the dog was transported to Carmel Animal Hospital to receive medical treatment and is getting better by the day.

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Putnam County SPCA

There are many pet organizations across the Hudson Valley, so not to be confused with the ASPCA or the Putnam Humane Society, the Putnam County SPCA Law Enforcement is the only SPCA in Putnam County, New York that is given police powers to enforce the animal cruelty statutes according to their website. They aren't a shelter, they are an independent organization that provides a 24/7 CRUELTY HOTLINE to report cases of suspected animal cruelty. They aren't funded by the state and are always looking for pet lovers to make a donation so they can continue to fight for abused animals.


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You can make a donation, report animal cruelty and learn more about their cause online here.

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