Bad reaction or no reaction at all?

As we move through the process of everyone trying to get the COVID-19 vaccination over the next few months, we've noticed across social media that some folks are having way different reactions to the second shot than others.

I'm personally not eligible for any of the vaccines just yet, but in reading some of the reactions that people are having, it's got me a little scared to actually get it when my turn comes up. I understand that everyone reacts differently to everything, but wanted to know, if you've gotten the vaccine, how did you react? So for us that haven't gotten it yet know what to expect when we can get it.

Kate texted us that, "Yesterday I said I got my second COVID vaccination and felt fine. Then 24 hours after the shot every single bone in my body ached, even my head. I was attached to my bed for at least 15 hours. I felt like a train hit me." Katie from Goshen texted, "My best friend spiked a 102 fever, cold sweats and shaking after the second shot."

Steph also texted in from Walden and said, "My whole family (6 of us) have been fully vaccinated and outside of a little pain in the arm, none of had any reactions at all." Chrissy texted us, "I work in Healthcare, alot of my co workers got the 2nd one, they were extremely fatigued, fever, aches, headache. Some were sick in bed for at least 24-48 hours."

According to the CDC you should expect a few things after you get either of the shots. They say expect pain or swelling in your shot arm. Some of the more common side affects include, fever, chills, tiredness and headache.

If you have scheduled your vaccination already, and want to prepare, the CDC says you can take over the counter pain medication AFTER the shots to relive any symptoms. It is NOT recommended people take these medicines before vaccination. Get more tips and answers online here.

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