May arrived this past weekend and that meanings "The Wolf Grand in Your Hand" is back. It is your chance to win $1000 twice a day just for listening and being the 25th nationwide caller when you hear the cue to call. To make it even easier to win CJ and Jess every weekday morning at 6:30 am give you the times to be listening later in the day. Plus at our online Hudson Valley Country dot com you have a chance at $10,000.

So you have just been handed $1000 dollars, what do you do with it? Because most polls agree that most Americans don't budget, your answer was most likely, pay a bill. I am right there with you. We get all the bills paid and we left nothing for fun. Why is fun not a bigger line item in our lives? I say forget the nagging voice in your head telling you to be "responsible" with this found cash. I say do something "grand", get it grand, standing for the $1000 you just won. If you hadn't won the money you were going to figure out a way to pay that bill so why not stick to that plan and use the $1000 as an unexpected win fall and do something you have been wanting to do but couldn't because it wasn't in the budget.

My "Grand" spending spree would be a day with friends treating them to shopping local and eating local. My goal would be to do it in the smallest increments possible so I could make a whole day of it.  Not necessarily a penny at a time but maybe $10 at a time. Then at the end of the day I will have budgeted surplus so I could pay my winnings forward. My last purchase of the day would be a donation to Family of New Paltz and hopefully if I budgeted correctly it would be more than what I spent all day on myself and my friends. Paying a bill wouldn't be fun for me but not paying some of my money win fall forward would feel like bad karma.

So have fun making your plan on how you will spend your $1000 and listen everyday in May to win with The Wolf.