It's ice cream season and brain freeze happens.

If your like me, you love this time of year when you can have ice cream everyday and it's OK. LOL! The only think that can ruin a nice cup of our favorite soft serve ice cream is the dreaded brain freeze.

If you don't know, brain freeze happens when something cold touches a bundle of nerves on the top of your mouth, near the back and cause the shooting pains through your head. It hurts just thinking about it.

If you want to avoid brain freeze, the folks over at Thrillist asked Eric Fredette, who is a Flavor Guru for the ice cream company Ben and Jerry's and he said just turn the spoon upside down and that should block brain freeze from happening. Why does it work? He says because it allows your tongue to heat up the ice cream a little bit before there's any direct contact with that group of nerves.

Now that may work with ice cream your eating with a spoon but what about a cone or a frozen drink? Here are three quick ways to get rid of brain freeze:

1. Press your thumb up into the roof of your mouth to warm the nerves back up and if you don't want to stick your fingers in your mouth, you can try to use your tongue.

2. Breathe with your hands cupped over your mouth. Which uses the heat from your breath to warm the nerves back up.

3. Drink something hot.

I hope this stuff helped and you never experience brain freeze again!

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