Every year, I like to hold Valentine's Day Brunch for my family. By the time mid-February rolls around, we are all going a little stir crazy, stuck in the house, and there isn't a holiday in sight. It's the perfect time to get together, have some, fun, and eat some good food.

Last year I debuted a new dish for our annual brunch, a tater tot waffle. To say that they were a hit is an understatement. They were crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, with some melted cheese on top, how could you go wrong. I couldn't make them fast enough.

So, after telling some of my co-workers about them, they encouraged me to do a video to show how it's done, plus they really wanted to try one for themselves. I am happy to say they were a hit here as well.

In fact, someone said it would be a great idea for anyone living in a dorm, you could still have the comfort of tater tots without the stove. I have made these as appetizers with cheese and scallions, as breakfast with crumbled bacon on top and eggs on the side, and I even tried the sweet potato tater tots with a little butter and brown sugar.

Your imagination is your only limitation. Try them, you will be the hit of your next get together. Happy cooking!

Bonus Video

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