The groundhog has seen his shadow, Valentine's Day has passed and the local St. Patrick’s Day parades are being planned which can only mean that Girl Scout Cookie time is here. Who doesn’t love Girl Scout cookies? We can thank Juliette Gordon Low, also known as Daisy. She formed a global movement that brought together young girls, their families and friends who created lifelong friendships and ways to make this world a better place.

The sale of these delicious cookies started as early as 1917. Between 1920 and 1930 the Girl Scouts would bake cookies and then walk door to door and sell them.

Those delectable desserts are hard to pass up and that’s why we find ourselves ordering a lot of boxes all at once. I always think more the merrier, especially since the cookies are for a good cause, the Girl Scouts.

I find myself wanting more Girl Scout cookies even after the season has ended and there aren’t any boxes left.  I suggest stocking up on the famous cookies and freezing them so that you can indulge all year long (preferably Tagalongs and Samaos).  After eating all of the Girl Scout cookies I then wonder what’s next. (My sweet tooth talking)

I have discovered another solution to our off season craving, the knock off versions of Girl Scout cookies. I'm sure that you have seen the name brand cookies in the local grocery stores. I have shared my taste test experiment of which ones are pretty close to the real deal.

Here are some close comparisons of the Girl Scout cookies that we love so much.

Girl Scout Thin Mints

Comparison: Keebler’s Grasshopper

Girl Scout Samoas

Comparison: Keebler’s Caramel and Coconut Dream

Girl Scout Do-si-dos

Comparison: Keebler’s Pitter Patters

Girl Scout Tagalong

Comparison: Hannaford Peanut Butter Fudge Filled Cookies

Girl Scout Smores

Comparison: Keebler’s Deluxe Graham Fudge Covered Graham Crackers

Girl Scout Lemonades

Comparison: Pepperidge Farm Lemon

Enter in your location using the link below to locate local Girl Scout cookies.

It’s quite obvious that in my free time I eat cookies and I’m proud of it (until bikini season). Have you come across any grocery store alternatives or knock offs? Share your experience below and don’t forget to stock up on Girl Scout cookies and support a good cause.

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