Do you believe in Fairies? The magical creatures seem to be the common theme in most fairytales. Cinderella had her crew and so did Sleeping Beauty, those girls could have been in a heap of trouble had they not had their little winged friends.

Fairies a fun to think about. Many of us grew up knowing that our Fairy Godmother had our back if things got too crazy, We all remember Tinker Bell, that's one fairy nobody would cross. So yes there are many tales and folklore about fairies but are there really fairies in the Hudson Valley?

I say yes there are and some of the proof can be found at the Locust Grove Estate in Poughkeepsie. Once again this year people of all ages are invited to The Fairy House Hunt at Locust Grove. It is officially underway every Friday through Monday now until the end of June. Tickets are $10 a person and kids under 4 are free. Your ticket price helps support the grounds at Locust Grave and therefore benefits the fairies.

Locust Grove Estate via Facebook Aug 28 2020

Grab the family and go on the hunt at Locust Grove, learn about their fairies and then maybe you will be able to find the fairies that live at your house.

Locaust Grove via Facebook Sept 6 2020


How to Discover and Attract Hudson Valley Fairies

This is a true fairytale. Fairies are real and can be found if you look carefully. The Hudson Valley is rumored to be full of fairies who are always looking to set up house in yards, gardens and forest. I have put together a few things you should look for if you are on a quest to find the fairies that maybe living in your yard. Remember they are magical creatures so they can be there even if you don't see them. The first step to discovering a fairy is making sure you believe in their magic.