After being sick yesterday and having to leave the show early, I never got to show off my pumpkin carving skills.

I know its a day late with Halloween now gone but maybe you can save this for next year. Here is how you can carve a pumpkin in less than 2 minutes, all you need is a basic stencil and sharp ass knife....

Again, I know that talking about pumpkin carving the day after Halloween makes no sense but what else is new...LOL!

I told you that I'm damn good with a knife and I did just make it through a full on pumpkin assault and I didn't cut myself once, that folks is a miracle.

Thanks for watching and now that we are into the month of November, Jess and I need you help. We are getting ready to kick off this years CJ and Jess Wolf Holiday Express toy drive for the Salvation Army and we need places of business to leave our toy collection boxes for a couple of weeks.

Do you work for a company that really wants to help kids and families here in the Hudson Valley have a great Christmas this year? Get signed up NOW!!!

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