This weekend we welcome April and all the spring fun it brings. This Saturday being April 1st means that us gullible types will have to be on the look out for pranksters. I prefer not to count how many times I have fallen for an April Fool's prank. It seems like ever since the first grade when a classmate did the bug in my food trick I have been falling for tricks and looking like the fool on April first.

This year I hope to avoid falling for any pranks by following a few tips. First and foremost remember that it is April Fool's Day. That bit of information costs me every year. For some reason I think of it during the week leading up to April first and then on the actual day I forget the date.

The next thing I plan to do is stay clear of my friends who have great poker faces and an imagination. Every year some one gets me just because they are so believable. Some of those friends seek me out because they know I will fall for whatever they have planned.

This year I also plan to steer clear of social media. Facebook may try but something tells me that in this year of "Fake News" that some of what is "not true" and posted by a person hoping to fool the most people will end up in my feed. And lastly I am going to use the approach that if it seems too good, too funny, too weird or too wild it must be an April Fools prank.

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