Going to college and getting a degree is a dream for many students and families here in the Hudson Valley. While some families are able to pay for college without too much of a struggle, it certainly isn't that way for everyone. The costs add up and the last thing you want is to graduate and have so much student loan debt that it's hard to get your life started.

That's where scholarships can really be a life saver and the Dutchess County Fair has two of them that could help Hudson Valley students out.


The first is in conjunction with the New York State Association of Agricultural Fairs and the New York State Showpeople’s Association. This scholarship is for any students who are active at the Dutchess County Fair or with the New York State Showpeople’s Association. This scholarship of a $1000 could be awarded to current New York State high school seniors or those students who are already enrolled in college. Click here for more information, including deadlines, and to download forms.

The other, presented by the Dutchess County Agricultural Society, is a scholarship up to $8000, paid up to four consecutive years for any student looking to get an undergraduate degree in agriculture, horticulture, or a career related to these fields. There are, of course, other eligibility requirements which must be meet in order to be considered and you can get all of that information here.

If you meet any of these requirements, good luck and if you don't, pass it along, you could help someone else out.



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