Do you have an older Christmas ornament in your family?

We got talking about holiday decorations this morning and about a British family that say they have been using the same Christmas tree lights since 1969. Ross Shaddick said that his mother bought the lights when she was a teenager and has kept them safe over the years and they use them on the family tree every year. In case you were wondering, the family has never had to replace any of the bulbs!

After mentioning that story on the air, we started a search to try and find the person or family that has the oldest Christmas ornament here in the Hudson Valley.

After taking a bunch of great calls, we had some families that have ornaments that are 50 years old, we had one guy tell us about an ornament in his family that is from 1926, the year his parents got married.

The winning ornament from here in the Hudson Valley was from a guy who called us and told us about a handmade Santa Claus from 1910. WOW!!!

So much fun talking about stuff like this during the holidays and if you are looking for a new family tradition, we had a ton of people tell us about in their family every year grandma, grandpa or Mom and Dad buy a new ornament for the kids and before you know it, the kids have a bunch of meaningful ornaments for their families.

Merry Christmas.

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