I think the worst is over. Thank goodness.

If you didn't look out the window today, then let me inform you...it snowed quite a bit here in the Hudson Valley. Winter storm Niko took us for a ride today, kicking things off this morning around 5am with Thundersnow! That was fun to experience. What wasn't fun to experience? 3 inches of snow falling in an hour and a half and continuing to do so throughout the day. CJ and I took the show outside to see what we were dealing with and we got a little help from our friend from low places, Garth Brooks.

We were at about 5.5 inches when we left the station today. I'm in Poughkeepsie and were somewhere around 10 inches. At least that's my measurement from a little while ago. Let us know where you're from and how much snow you got today!

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