Ba da ba ba DUHHH! Police say a real life Hamburgler may have been lovin' it a little too much recently.

Surveillance video shows the alleged robber hop over the counter of the fast food establishment and make off with his stash. But police say it may not have been money he was after in this case. Maybe this guy never had a Happy Meal?

According to this information, there are approximately 655 McDonald's restaurants in New York state.

Suspect Steals Food From McDonald's Restaurant in NY

PIX 11 says a man brandishing a knife entered the McDonald's on East 170th Street the afternoon of December 5. Offcials said Tuesday that the suspect demanded food, before leaping over the counter and threatening employees.

The haul? According to police, the hungry suspect took a 20-piece chicken McNuggets, a 6-piece chicken McNuggets and two McDouble cheeseburgers with him.

Man Wants His Breakfast at Mickey D's

Back in September 2021, a New York state man broke into a McDonald's early morning and made off with food and other stolen property. Looks like another real life Hamburglar on the loose here. Now, the suspect is being charged with charged with grand larceny, burglary, and criminal mischief, according to sources. 


The Saratoga County Sheriffs Office says the Ballston Spa man broke into the McDonald's in the early morning hours. Not too many details are available as of now, but police were able to find the stolen property at the suspect's apartment. Police didn't specify a motive for the alleged break-in, though we can assume he wanted a late night snack and the place just wasn't open at that point. there was also no specification exactly what food or ingredients the man allegedly stole.

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