Today is the day, the eclipse will be visible to the Hudson Valley around 2:44pm and everyone seems to be super excited.

Except for me and CJ.

Full sun eclipce

This morning, before the show started, me and CJ were discussing how horrible we slept. I usually am a champion sleeper. Last night however, I was up every hour and maybe got an hour and a half worth of sleep in. CJ said he had the same problem.

I decided to go straight to the source and see what NASA had to say about how lunar and solar eclipses affect us. While there is no scientific evidence that says eclipses physically affect us, it can play with our mind a bit. NASA says:

  Eclipses have always been capable of producing profound psychological effects. For millennia, solar eclipses have been interpreted as portents of doom by virtually every known civilization. These have stimulated responses that run the gamut from human sacrifices to feelings of awe and bewilderment. Although there are no direct physical effects involving known forces, the consequences of the induced human psychological states have indeed led to physical effects.

I am in awe of how horribly I slept last night. So it's safe to say Eclipse 2017 is affecting me.

Also, ladies, the lunar eclipse maybe affecting you a little more than our male counter parts and in a good way! According to Bustle there are positives like being more social and creative as well as feeling more spiritual and awake. Side note, you could be more fertile too.

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