Or at least trying to.

If you follow the news, you probably already know that most Americans are set to receive a second round of stimulus money. Some may have gotten it already, others are waiting to receive an actual check in the mail from the Internal Revenue Service, me I'm just trying to figure out a way to possible double up. I mean we got $1,200 last time so I thought I would try my luck at a little gambling to try and double up quick this time around.

Me and a couple of friends made plans a few weeks ago to head out to Resorts World in Monticello, this Saturday to watch the first three games of the NFL playoffs at their sportsbook. Yeah they are one of the only places you can legally bet on games and to say we are excited is an understatement.

But who do I bet on? I haven't had much luck picking winners this season (refer to my Dallas Cowboys) so I thought to really try and make some cash, I would ask Jess to do the picking for me. I decided that with $600 in stimulus money and three games on Saturday, I'll throw down $200 on each game and left the choices to Jess.

The Saturday slate of games include the Indianapolis Colts at the Buffalo Bills (-6.5), the LA Rams at the Seattle Seahawks (-3.5) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-8) at the Washington Football Team.

Jess is confidents that I should take the Bills and Seahawks minus the points. She said she loves the Seahawks uniforms so they are the best bet for me. OMG what did I get myself into? She also has me taking the Washington Football Team plus 8 points.

Once I get to the casino Saturday I'll be giving updates on the Wolf Facebook page and on our Instagram, so follow along and hopefully with Jess' help I will be doubling up!! Wish me luck...LOL! (Remember this is strictly for fun and always remember to never bet with money you cant afford to lose.😉)

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