Have you ever noticed that a lot of people have birthday's in August? I am not an August baby, however it seems a lot of my friends are even my husband. Maybe it has something to do with Sagittarius and Virgos being compatible or maybe it is the fact that August is a popluar month for birthdays. Either way it got me thinking is August the most popular month for birthdays? And if it isn't which month is?

It turns out September is the most common month but July and August are right at the top. According to Today's Parent September 16th is the most common day for a birthday and December 25th is the least common. However February 29th is rarest due to the fact it only lands on the calendar every fourth year. And FYI I know someone born on Leap day too.

So check out Today's Parent grid and see how common your birthday is and then see how many people you know are born in July, August and September. By the way if it sounds like I am complaining about all the birthday's this month I want to make it clear "I am not." After all it also means plenty of cake. Here's a cake you don't have to bake. Perfect for a birthday during the hot summer months.

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