I happen to know a lot of people born in the month of October. My Sister is a Libra, just one of the zodiacs for this spooky month, the other is Scorpio. My favorite Aunt who cooks the best food ever has an October birthday. Spoiler alert apparently people born in October are good cooks. And it seems that I have dated a lot of people who were born in this first official month of fall in the northern hemisphere.

So what do people born in the month of October have in common? Other than quite a few of them know me, Cosmopolitan online says they are travelers, they are very intuitive and tend to live longer than the rest of us. Last October Kunmi Omisore compiled a list of the top 10 traits for people born in October for Cosmopolitan and I found them to be pretty spot on. Check them out for yourself and compare them to the October Birthday People you know.

Bonus - Here are 10 things I didn't know about October.


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