Happy New Year!

A new year always brings a lot of different things. Most of us try to start the new year with optimism, high hopes and of course resolutions, right? But what about how you are saying the new decade?

It is now officially the year 2020 and the debate as to how to say the new year is raging on! Are you saying Twenty Twenty, Two Thousand Twenty, or Two Thousand AND Twenty? We would love to hear from you, call the show at 845-473-9431 or you can text us through the Wolf app.

I'm going with "Two Thousand Twenty" for now. Jess is saying "Twenty Twenty" and she isn't alone as most of the folks who have called the show and texted in are saying it the same way. How about you?

My favorite call so far today was from Sean who is a soccer fan and hes going with two nil two nil....LOL!

Also as a reminder if you have to sign any legal documents this year make sure you write out the full 2020. Why?

Because if someone wanted to mess with you, they could write in two numbers onto your date. For example is you write 1/2/20, they could write in two numbers to make it 1/2/2015, or any other year, which could make any legal document invalid.

Happy New Year!!!

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