Despite what some people say I don't think being a parent is the hardest job. I know that is just my opinion but I labored for a masonry company for a decade. That job was hard. Being a parent is exhausting. You can't quit.

You give up everything for your kid as your needs take a backseat the moment they are born. Having a kid has its difficulties but there are little things that can make being a parent easier or tougher.

I'm a fairly new parent. My kid is almost a year old now and there is a lot I have noticed in the past 11 months that I had never paid attention to prior to having a child.

One thing I have noticed is the lack of changing tables in men's restrooms. It is massively inconvenient and actually a little insulting.

I think it is sad how much the Hudson Valley underestimates how many men change diapers.

I am speaking for dads everywhere when I demand more of these.

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When you do find a diaper changing table in a men's restroom they are often dirty, broken or sometimes being blocked by the garbage can to safe space. Recently, during my last trip to the grocery store I had to move a full trash bin out of the way in order to get to the changing table. Try doing that while holding a diaper bag in one hand and a child in the other.

Some establishments have them in the women's rooms only.

We need more of these for he parents in the Hudson Valley and I would love to see more of them men's rooms.

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