CJ and I always enjoying having guests come in the studio, mostly because we like having someone to balance our banter and bickering.

Hilarie Burton joined me and CJ to talk about a great event herself and her husband, Jefferey Dean Morgan, have lined up with Astor Services. But of course we had to fan-girl a little bit first.

I grew up watching TRL (and voting for every Kelly Clarkson video ever made) and One Tree Hill both of which Hilarie starred in. One Tree Hill was so dramatic, teenage Jess  loved every minute of it. Who am I kidding, I still watch it all the time.

CJ is not as familiar with her work, but fan-girled just as much and might have made things a little uncomfortable after asking a certain question.

More importantly, if you're free on Nov. 4 Hilarie and Jeffery are hosting "Ghost Stories" to raise money for Astor Services for Children and Families. At 6pm you can join in on some spooky fun. It will be a night filled with "spooky storytelling and improv" all happening under the November 4th full moon. Spooky is right.

Tickets are available at fishercenter.bard.edu.

Proceeds will benefit Astor Services for Children & Families in Rhinebeck.

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