A Hudson Valley hiker passed away while following a trail through Hunter Mountain.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation responded to a 911 call in the early afternoon of March 14. The victim was hiking to the summit of Hunter Mountain on the Becker Hollow trail when he collapsed and became unresponsive.

Forest rangers hiked up to the location where the call came from. Other rangers were called in who used snowmobiles to climb the state truck trail from the Spruceton trailhead. Those rangers then had to hike two miles to bring equipment and rescue gear to the rescue team. Upon arriving at the scene the agents discovered a 62-year-old man who was deceased.

Rangers had to use a rope and pulley system with a stretcher to bring the man back down the steep and icy trail. The operation took ten hours, with the team arriving back at the trailhead by 11pm. Upon arriving at the base, the victim was handed over to the Greene County coroner's office. It's unclear what caused the man's death.

Another incident occurred the day before on Mount Marcy in the Adirondacks. A 27-year-old hiker injured his knee and needed to be rescued by rangers.  The man's four friends hiked ahead of him, leaving him without a flashlight or headlamp. Just after 10 am, he was found by rangers along with two of the friends who turned back to look for him. The hikers were all rescued and returned to the parking lot to reunite with the rest of their party.

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