He was scheduled to be euthanized earlier this week. The story was shared several hundred times and now everyone wants to know where Bear the dog ended up.

The Hudson Valley never ceases to amaze me with its kindness and generosity. Every city has its faults but when push comes to shove we can always count on you to deliver.

Earlier in the week I came across a desperate post on Hudson Valley Craigslist pleading for someone to adopt or foster their elderly father's dog before it was euthanized. Knowing the area has such a love for pets and especially dogs I had to help share her story. The whole story can be found here, but here's a short recap.

"Hello...we are in desperate need to find someone who is willing to foster/adopt my dad's German Shepherd by tomorrow, Thursday, July 12th or he will be euthanized!!!"

Within just hours the story was shared over 200 times on Facebook and we got tons of responses. Thanks to your support and sharing the original post we've all helped ensure a home for Bear the young German Shepherd. I received a text yesterday that he'll be released to Trina & Friends K-9 Rescue in Bedford, NY.

Anne Marie Rambo
Anne Marie Rambo


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