An epic photo shows the heroic actions of 2 strangers who risked their own lives to save another.

75-year-old Roger Combs of Oneida was coming home from Utica when he saw smoke on Route 5 in Westmoreland around 7:30 PM Monday, June 21. "Once I crested the hill I could see the fire," he said. "There were downed power lines beside the road too."

A tow truck driver was stopped at the scene of the crash when Combs arrived. "We both saw a guy who couldn't move, hanging partway out of the window," said Combs. "The fire was burning pretty good when we arrived."

Credit - Roger Combs
Credit - Roger Combs

Without a thought for their own safety, Combs and the tow truck driver worked to pull the man out amid the flames. "It was really hot. I had to back off for a second to get away from the heat but the man was screaming for help. What are you going to do."

The two heroes arrived on the scene just in time too. "Shortly after the man was pulled out the truck it burst into flame," said Combs. "I'm surprised he was alive and don't know if he's going to make it."

Credit - Roger Combs
Credit - Roger Combs

73-year-old Jack Pylman of Utica is in critical condition at SUNY Upstate Hospital after suffering severe burns in the crash.

The Oneida County Sheriff's Department said Pylman drove off the road and hit a telephone pole. The crash caused the car to roll over and burst into flames.

Combs is grateful for whoever the guy in the tow truck was. "He was a lot younger and burlier than me. Thank God he was there. I couldn't have done it by myself."

Thank you to Combs and the mysterious tow truck driver who selflessly ran towards the flames to rescue Pylman from his burning vehicle. You are both the true meaning of heroes.

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