Halloween is tomorrow and I feel like I'm not prepared at all.

First of all, I don't even have my Blues Brothers costume ready. Clearly that's an issue in itself, but I also haven't carved my pumpkin yet!

CJ is a step ahead of the game making a heart eye emoji pumpkin for his daughter. Allegedly, he finished it in 20 seconds and it came out really good.

I need to step up my pumpkin carving game.

We'll be sharing videos of both of our pumpkin creations Tuesday on the show. I usually always free hand carve my pumpkin, but this year I'm sticking to the stencil. I found this great website with hundreds of free stencils.

I'm torn between carving a classic pumpkin face called "Buns" or carving an  American Flag. Which should I do?!

Send me some of your pumpkins, I promise I wont steal your idea I just need some inspiration.


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