After weeks of debate and excuses, we have come up with a solution to the ice bucket challenge dilemma.

If you missed it, back at the beginning of December, Jess and I put a little wager on the New York Giants/Dallas Cowboys football game with the loser having to take a five-gallon bucket of ice water over their head.

Well, Jess lost, as did her Giants. Here we are in January, and she has yet to take the bucket over her head. She has had a few different reasons (excuses) for not wanting to do it, from "I forgot a change of clothes" to "It's just too cold."

After we talked about it on the show and took a bunch of suggestions as to what we should do, we came up with a way for Jess to earn a little bucket deferment.

We decided that we would try and raise some money for a local charity so that Jess wouldn't have to take the ice bucket over her head until a later date.

Jess picked the Semper Fi Parents of Hudson Valley as her charity. They are a volunteer organization that has been active in the community since 2005. Started originally as a group for Marine parents, the organization is inclusive of all military heroes and for all family members, friends and supporters.

If you would like to help Jess, we have set up a GoFund Me page.

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