Cameras, lights and an army of crew members have transformed a quiet Poughkeepsie neighborhood into a bustling film set.

On Wednesday a stretch of Raymond Avenue near Vassar College in the Arlington section of Poughkeepsie was overrun by production crews for an upcoming HBO comedy series written by The Office's Mindy Kaling.

Enormous inflatable lightboxes, trucks and camera equipment were piled up on the street in front of Burgerfi and the Vassar Bookstore between scenes. Police were nearby, ready to shut down traffic and redirect pedestrians once cameras began rolling again. Local businesses in the area reassured customers that they would remain open, despite the commotion right outside their doorsteps.

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The Dreaming Goddess, located in the middle of the pop-up movie set on Raymond Avenue, pleaded with their customers not to get scared away by the movie production this week.

Please do not be deterred by the movie peeps shooting on and around Raymond Avenue. We are here and excited to see you!

A row of director's chairs was set up along the street, presumably for cast members who will be appearing in scenes. The series is called The Sex Lives of College Girls and stars Sherri Shepherd, Maya Rose, Rob Huebel and an ensemble cast. The series is also enlisting the help of local actors who were cast last month for background roles. A call was put out by producers looking for residents to play students, faculty members and someone who could portray a female soccer player.

The Sex Lives of College Girls is scheduled to eventually air on HBO Max.

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