You have to read some of the stories that have happened right here in the Hudson Valley.

If you have kids at one time or another your kids have said or done something in public that embarrassed you. Like Zach who sent me a Facebook message about his son which started up quite the conversation on the show.

He wrote that "My two year old son Beck and I were at the store, waiting in line to check out...And he looked at the woman behind us....and said "look dada, she's got a baby in her belly like mama!" Woman said "NO, I'M JUST FAT" I just wanted to curl up and die. Kids are a#@(*es with no filter. So, I apologized to the woman and we played the quiet game after that."

Anthony texted in "Good morning guys, when my son was four years old he is now 22 by the way, we were standing in line at the bank and there was this big woman in front of us.And this was the time of the pagers. Well hers went off and he yelled as loud as possible look out Dad she’s backing up we left the bank immediately."

Meghan texted us, "When I was a tiny tot, my parents where In church, while in prayer. The minister said "Jesus Christ" while my toddler self yelled "oohhhhh he said a bad word" my mom to this day says that is the most embarrassed she has ever been."

My favorite call was from Jess who told us that her daughter was speaking at a school assembly about self care and their bodies, when she said out loud for everyone to hear that her Mom does drugs all the not those type of drugs, she was a smoker. She was mortified!!!

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