Is the temperature cold enough for you yet?

I never thought I would be the person who try's to hold out on turning on the heat in my house, but I guess with age comes surprises at every turn...LOL! Growing up in my house, my step dad always gave us kids a hard time when we complained that it was cold in the house.

It was against the house rules to EVER TOUCH the thermostat. So if we got cold at any point during the day or night, we put on more clothes or grabbed another blanket, we NEVER raised the heat! I always said as a kid that when I get older I will never have a rule like that and as an adult I have kind of stayed true to that. The only rule I have is that you can't raise the thermostat above 75 degrees, which I think is high enough right?

I do know that for some reason over the last few nights I've been fighting myself from turning the heat on in my apartment. My thought process is that I'm trying to save as much money as I can over the next few months for the holidays and every cent matters.

Its become an internal competition inside my head...LOL! So I've made it up until today with no heat in the house, have you turned yours on yet? Call or text us through the Wolf app, also how do you heat your house? Wood stove, pellet, oil, electric? What's the cheapest way?

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