I always thought too much salt was bad for you. Apparently, I know nothing.

I first heard of Himalayan Salt Lamp Therapy this past holiday season. My cousin mentioned she wanted one for Christmas. So, I jumped on Amazon found one for a decent price (it was around $30). I spoke to our very own Paty Quyn about these salt lamps last week and she mentioned that they are supposed to take energy things like electronics give off and bring them to lower levels. These salt lamps are said to help with anxiety and sinus issues.

Yesterday ABC7 News ran a story about salt rooms therapy or salt cave therapy to help with persisting ailments and anxiety for adults and children. Two programs opened up down in Long Island and it looks like something I would try out. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks once and a while and would love to see them go away. It had me thinking that there has to be somewhere around the Hudson Valley we can try this out. Unfortunately, the closest ones to us are in Woodbury, Connecticut, Katonah and Dobbs Ferry.

Have you used a salt lamp or participated in salt room therapy? Did it work? Would you recommend it? Let us know on Facebook or send me an email Jess@HudsonValleyCountry.com.

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