Have you ever had your car broken into? If so, what did they take?

Do you leave valuable possessions in your car? That may not be the wisest choice.

There's been a string of car thefts in the Hudson Valley and they continue to be on the rise. I'm just curious if anyone has ever broken into your car. Or did you leave it unlocked. A lot of the cars have been reportedly left unlocked.

I can't believe there are people who still leave their car doors unlocked.

I've never had a thief enter my car before but I remember years ago my brother wad in downtown Detroit visiting his girlfriend and he had left his Jeep unlocked. I think you know where this story is going. He said he was only away from his car for about 15 minutes but when he returned he saw that his car stereo had been stolen. They must have been desperate because they radio really sucked. He also had some clothes and a box of chocolates that he had bought for his girlfriend taken as well.

The thief did leave a rock on the floor mat. There's a good chance that even if he had locked it they would have found a way in.

At any given time most people have hundreds of dollars worth of valuables in their car including, jewelry, cell phones, gps units, medicine and even cash.

Is anything really safe in your car?

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