Is that even a word?

We got talking on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show today about a new type of party that people are throwing across America that I have never heard about before.

If you are on Facebook, at one time or another you have been invited to some kind of crazy party or event that you had no idea about. It happened to me the other day when I was sent an invite from a friend to a "Christmas Eve Eve Darty".

At first I thought she misspelled "party" with "darty", but NO, "darty" is a thing that has been defined as a drunken party while the sun is out, a daytime party. Like, "We're going to black out while it's light out at the darty!" People like me just called that "day drinking", right? I blame millennial's, LOL!

Do you have a word that you and your family or friends use that is completely made up? Me and the kids use the word "cranston" anytime we want to use a bad word to describe someone doing something ridiculous. Someone cuts us off while driving, I yell out, "God what a cranston!"

We got a bunch of calls from folks, like the guy who said his grandma would call people walking around with that "10 mile stare and jaw wide open....Dombies" love it!

We also heard from a lady who said that college kids are now calling day drinking parties, "Daygers". "Ragers" are what the cool kids call a great party and now while the sun is up they call them "daygers".

Tammy texted us that "My daughter and her cousin, made up this word shish kaboba dobado. It means I am hungry. Lol."

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