I have.

At one time or another you have used hand sanitizer to clean your hands right? If you have kids like I do, you probably go through it like water. I swear we use gallons of the stuff every month. LOL!

Think about the last time you had to use it. How long did you rub your hands together? If you did it like me and took a squirt or two and rubbed your hands together for only a few seconds, yes you're doing it wrong just like me.

According to the Daily Mail, if you want to kill all the bacteria on your hands, you have to put sanitizer on, then rub them together vigorously until they're totally dry. They say that should take you at least 15 seconds, if it takes less than 15 seconds, you didn't use enough and it won't kill all the bacteria on your hands.

Let me demonstrate for you....

So the next time you use hand sanitizer make sure you take that extra 5 or 10 seconds to do it right.

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