A horrifying video is going viral of a New York mom playing tug of war with her son against two men man who attempted to take him.

Imagine just walking down the street as if it's a typical day when all of sudden your small child runs about six feet ahead of you. It's crazy to think that is just enough space for a predator to snatch them. That fix feet could easily turn into six miles. As someone who's about to be a parent in a few months I can't think of anything more terrifying.

Thankfully, a quick thinking and brave mom can be seen in a haunting surveillance video preventing a child abduction.

According to NBC News, a woman in Queens was walking with her son when a man ran out from the driver's seat of a nearby vehicle and grabbed her son and threw him in the backseat.

The mom and other family members rushed and grabbed the child through the window while fighting someone who was sitting in the passenger seat.

Just how safe are your kids? Statistics surrounding kidnappings are some of the most alarming.

Knowing some of these statistics my make you aware of the dangers and could thwart a a potential abduction.

According to Safe At Last, almost half a million children go missing each year and almost 80% of the cases are kids over the age of 12. They also report that females ages 12-17 years old are the most common victims.

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