Admitting that I'm not a fan of one of the most "American" things ever has caused quite a stir!

I never thought in million years that by saying "I hate apple pie" I would receive so many messages from enraged Hudson Valley folks. If you missed it, we were talking the other day on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show about fun facts that some might not know about us.


I HATE Apple Pie!

As soon as I said that on the air I was automatically on the receiving end of pretty angry messages. You would have thought I said I was canceling Halloween or something...LOL! Fred texted through the Wolf COnutry app, "CJ is a communist! The dude probably doesn’t like bonfires either!!" To be clear I am NOT a communist and love bonfires, I just think that apple pie is gross!! I love apples off a tree but can't do the whole cooked fruit thing. The texture is where I have an issue, there are usually mushy and anytime I've tried one, my gag reflex was activated...LOL!

Jake from Gardiner texted us, "How could someone who loves Stewart's apple fritters so much hate apple pie?" I LOVE THEIR FRITTERS! It's easy, they don't have mushy apples in them, they are mostly fluffy dough and icing!!!


Am I the Only One?

I think I might be because the messages continued all day yesterday. Tasha from Monroe Woodbury said, "Come on who doesn't like apple anything?!?!?" Tommy in Blooming Grove said, "Who doesn't like warm apple pie!!?? Now I gotta go get some,!! Thx a lot!! Lol!" Does anyone else dislike apple pie? A select few were willing to admit it, Chap in Kingston texted, "I’m with you CJ. I DO NOT like apple pie." Sam in Bloomingburg said, "I'm not crazy about apple pie either...although I've been told I make a good apple pie!"

Apples Shouldn't be Mushy in Apple Pie

Hundreds of bakers reached out to let me know that if the apples in a pie are mushy, you are using the wrong apples or they have been overcooked. Apples in a good pie should still be a little firm after baking. Bakers say the best apples to use for pie are Granny Smiths.

Does anyone else hate apple pie? Call or text through the Wolf Country app.

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