Thank you!

It seems like almost every day of the week there is some sort of thing we are supposed to celebrate on that specific day. Just like the other day was National Potato Day and yes both Jess and I celebrated with our Mount Rushmore of ways to eat potatoes...fries, chips, tater tots and sweet is what we went with in case you missed it...LOL!

Anyway today is one of those days that we HAVE to celebrate, it is officially National Radio Day today (8/20/20) and to celebrate we just wanted to THANK YOU for being by far and away the best listeners anywhere.

The last few months have been extremely hard on all of us with COVID-19, and everything that this awful virus has brought our way. We hope that through all of this we have kept up informed with all the information you need to get through your day here in the Hudson Valley.

Most importantly we hope that over the course of the last few months at one time or another, you flipped on the radio and got a quick laugh in with whatever it is we were doing that day, because being completely honest with you, it's my absolute pleasure to be able to still do a LIVE, LOCAL radio show every weekday morning here in the Hudson Valley.

I never thought in a million years that we would have so few LIVE and LOCAL radio shows in the Valley, if you listen across your radio its sad that we have so many shows that aren't from our area. I personally love competition and sometimes feel that "the good ol radio days" are long gone, but I don't let that stop me from trying my best each day to give you a fun show to listen to.

After a few people wished us a happy radio day today on the show, I wanted to say to each of you, HAPPY RADIO DAY TO YOU, because without you we couldn't do what we love every day. So thank you and PLEASE KEEP LISTENING. LOL!

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