Yes its an actual day and we are celebrating.

Do you remember the first concert you went to? Maybe it was at one of the local fairs? For me the first show I went to was Chicago at the Nassau coliseum in Long Island with my mom.

Do you remember yours? Let us know in the comment section below.

If you have a Facebook account odds are that you have seen someone on your news feed playing the concert game.

The game goes like this, your supposed to make a list of 9 concerts you have been to and one that you haven't and your friends are supposed to comment with their guess as to which one is the lie. (Kinda like the Yes or B.S. game we play with Jess).

Here is my list:

1. Miranda Lambert
2. Def Lepard
3. Garth Books
4. Tom petty
5. Guns and Roses
6. Zac brown band
7. Justin Moore
8. AC/DC
9. Jethro Tull
10. Chicago

Garth is the one on the list that I haven't seen live but hope to as soon as possible.

Here is Jess' list:

1. Spice Girls.
3. Backstreet Boys.
4. Kelly Clarkson.
5. New Found Glory.
6. Good Charlotte.
7. Clay AIken.
8. Miranda Lambert.
9. Fabulous.
10. Taylor Swift.

Backstreet Boys is the one show that Jess hasn't gone to but would love to go and see them now!

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